The Killer solution for Oil Spills

It only absorbs hydrocarbon, without water,
recovering good oil for refinery.

Functions quickly to recover oil before
dispersion, evaporation, sinking.

Functions in any sea and wind conditions.

Do not create special waste, and it is not
harmful to the environment

Have an acceptable production and use cost.

2 lbs of Foamflex200 absorbs
up to 6 Tons oil spill.

A Better Way to work on Oil spill cleanups

This revolutionary solution for oil spill treatment represents an innovation both in terms of the effectiveness of the clean up and the reduction of time and costs required.

Material With Extraordinary Property

It ensures that real cleaning in all those situations where oil is scattered in the oceans, in the rivers, in the lakes. Currently is retrieved between the 5 and 20% spilled product, with FoamFlex200 This value can be increased until over 50% (as already demonstrated in a real case).

Hi-Tech Material

“Modified” Polyurethane Hydrophobic and Oleophilic, water absorption is <5%

Main Feature

Absorbs any type of oils and hydrocarbons, even high density or deteriorated products, for about 30 times its own weight.


The material saturation time is about a few minutes.


Reusable, after a simple squeeze, about 200 times. 2lb of FoamFlex200 can absorb about 6 Tons of hydrocarbons.


Resistant and manageable, no practical problem to use it in any condition, it does not deteriorate (contrary to graphene and coating).


High absorption rate, can absorb hydrocarbons in a few seconds. It drastically reduces time and complexity, therefore costs, of intervention.


Recover spilled oil intact, recovering the economic value of the oil.

No Disposal

It does not create waste, only oil that can be sent to the refinery. 100% Green, is not harmful to the environment, is not toxic and can be regenerated at the end of the life cycle.


It works in all sea and wind conditions, well beyond the operating limits of skimmers and pumps

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

See the the traditional Oil Spill Cleanup process compared to our advanced system, to better understand the benefits of FoamFlex200

Traditional approach

Oil Spill
LB 22,047

Polypropylene Pads


Needed: 1,377 lbs
Cost: $16,364


Lbs disposed: 23,423 lbs
Cost: $5,180

Spent: $21,500

FoamFlex200 advanced system

Oil Spill
LB 22,047



Needed: 4.1 lbs
Cost: $670

Economic Return

22,047 lbs

Recovered, reusable oil, reintroduction in refinery process


To be disposed: 4.1 lbs
Cost: $0.9

Spent: $671

save up to 95% of the cleanup costs
compared to traditional treatments

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How it works

Oil Recovering wiring machine

New Product coming soon: The Mocio

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