OIL ABSORBENT 10 Ft mat FoamFlex200 (not suitable for barrier)


Dimensions : 118x13x1 inches
Wheight : 2 lb
Bar code /GTIN .: 714651736972

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Super performing oil absorption technology (FoamFlex200) made with an innovative patented oil absorption technology, our product is an open cell, oleophilic and hydrophobic expanded polyurethane, specifically designed for the absorption of hydrocarbons

“Modified” Polyurethane: Hydrophobic and Oleophilic, with a hydrophobic effect of more than 95%

Absorbs any type of oils and hydrocarbons, even high density or deteriorated products, for about 30 times its own weight.

The material saturation time is about a few minutes.

Reusable, after a simple squeeze, about 200 times. 2lb of FoamFlex200 can absorb about 6 Tons of hydrocarbons.

Resistant and manageable, no practical problem to use it in any condition, it does not deteriorate

Green, is not harmful to the environment, is not toxic and can be regenerated at the end of the life cycle.


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