Oil absorbent barriers kit 10ft (barrier + absorbent mat)



Specific of the barrier (per module) : 118x12x1

Shipping Size : 48 x 21 x 8

Weight : 17lb

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This innovation opens up new strategies in the arrangement of barriers, with the possibility of accumulating oil at a specific point, facilitating oil recovery work.

The new generation of barriers will be without a skirt or with resized skirts, which, by reducing bulk, will facilitate handling and speed of use.

The new generation of barriers will perform the typical function of containment and, at the same time, of absorption. In many scenarios, it will be sufficient to gradually reduce the diameter of the containment to recover the spill, without intervening inside with other means such as pumps and skimmers.

FoamFlex200 also performs the work of damping the turbulence, which serves to prevent the passage of oil.

Adequate use of the barrier with the sponge prevents the passage of oil both above and below.

Specification of the Foam Flex 200 mat :

FoamFlex200 is an innovative patented oil absorption technology. The product consists

of open-cell oleophilic polyurethane foam with a hydrophobic effect of more than 95%, FoamFlex200 can absorb more than 30 times its

own weight of any type of oil. Using a wringing process, it can be reused for more than 200.


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