Oil absorbent FoamFlex200 10 Ft mat velcro


Recommended to combine with our barrier

It works in all sea and wind conditions,


  • Thickness: 1 inch
  • Width: 13 inches
  • Lenght: 118 inches /10 ft

Weight : 2 lb

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Suitable for all the oil spills that require rapid absorption, reusable up to 200 times by squeezing with the special FF-Wring machine

The mat is equipped with velcro and handles to allow to join several mats together.

High absorption rate, can absorb hydrocarbons in a few seconds. It

drastically reduces time and complexity, therefore costs, of intervention.

It does not create waste, 100% Green, is not harmful to the environment, is not toxic and can be

regenerated at the end of the life cycle.


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