Oil cleaning 5 pads


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Pad size: 14x10x0.39 inches
Package: 5 pads
Weight: 12 OZ
Shipping size: 14x18x3
Bar code: 616612712141

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An innovative and patented oil absorption technology

Polyurethane foam with open cells, oleophilic and hydrophobic, specific for the absorption of hydrocarbons.
Reusable, after a simple squeeze, about 200 times. 2lb of FoamFlex200 can absorb about 6 Tons of hydrocarbons.
with a hydrophobic effect of more than 95% and Oleophilic.
Absorbs any type of oils and hydrocarbons, even high density or deteriorated products, for about 30 times its own weight.

The material saturation time is about a few minutes.

  • Resistant and manageable, it does not deteriorate;
  • It does not create waste, only oil sent to the refinery;
  • 100% Green;
  • Is not harmful to the environment;
  • It is not toxic;
  • Can be regenerated at the end of the life cycle.

Our sheets enable a much higher performance level in oil cleanup in terms of cost, efficiency, and effectiveness, minimizing environmental impact.

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 18 × 3 in


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