Oil spill absorber mop


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Pad size: 21×11.5×4 inches
Package: 5 pads
Weight: 11.2 OZ
Shipping size: 22x12x5
Bar code: 616612712165

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Fringe mop, specifically designed to absorb smooth lines of oil and fuel in the water, Is made with an open-cell, oleophilic, and hydrophobic expanded polyurethane.
It absorbs about 30 times its weight and is reusable after a simple squeeze with traditional mechanical wrings for a fringed mop.
Resistant and manageable, no practical problem to use it in any condition; it does not create waste, only oil that can be sent to the refinery.
100% Green, is not harmful to the environment, is not toxic, and can be regenerated at the end of the life cycle.


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