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Oil Spill Cleaning Kit

Is provided as a portable kit for heavy duty oil spills.

FoamFlex200 MAT

Standard FoamFlex200 mat: 2.2lbs/1 Kg, 10 feet x 13 inches x 1 inch (3 Mt. x 33 cm x H 2.5cm). Mats can be connected to each other with a special velcro.

FoamFlex200 BARRIERS

The new generation of barriers will perform the typical function of containment and, at the same time, of absorption. In many scenarios, it will be sufficient to gradually reduce the diameter of the containment to recover the spill, without intervening inside with other means such as pumps and skimmers.

Wiring Machine

Our special manual wiring machine is developed to process the used PUFF. It allows to reuse the Foamflex200 for more than 200 cycles and recover the absorbed oil.

New Product Coming Soon: The Mocio

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